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About Us & Our Site

Posted by on 9/05/20  

    Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself first and my Partner. My name is Cassandra Younkers. I am the wife of Gary Younkers and Co-Partner of D&N Trikes Parts and More. I will be doing most of the website updates and blogging. Just call me the “Tech Gal”. I am trying to learn about trikes and their parts but I have much learn.
    If you buy trikes parts on Facebook then you most likely have heard of the name Gary Younkers. He has been buying and selling trikes for over 10 years now. He has done a lot of work on Honda trikes. He has learned a lot over the 10 years and if he dose not know something, he knows someone that does. He is the muscle and brains behind all parts and trikes we sell at D&N Trikes. He does most of the selling and I of course help as much as I can.

Now lets talk about our website. We open this website up to hopefully be able to show everyone what we currently have in stock. At this time we only have a small portion of everything we are selling. I also need to add photo which is no easy task. 🙂 I am hoping to have all the inventory up to date within the next month. There after I will try to update the inventory on a weekly basic. In the meantime take a look around our website and let me know what you think so far. 

While you are waiting on me to do my job. Please check out our Facebook page. Like us for the latest update on what my husband is selling. If there is something you are looking for please feel free to message. At this time we cannot post everything on Facebook that we have in stock. 

Thank you so much taking the time to read this. Remember to get out and Ride!!